DUTCH ROVERS was founded in 2020 by Kevin & JP. Both of us used to be employees of the corporate world. But with a background in industrial design, passion for classic living, mechanical experience and business studies we fulfilled our long-life dream to create an environment where we can fully express our visions and share them with you.

DUTCH ROVERS it not just about cars, it’s a way of life. Growing up being adventurous, creative and persistent gave us both experiences and perspectives that it’s important to be yourself. Everybody’s got a story to tell, so do our cars. At DUTCH ROVERS, every car has its own unique look, its own unique character. The cars have earned their scars and ‘tattoos’. It has had a past which we emphasize leaving its soul and appearance the way that it is.

Why a Land Rover? Its simplicity in its design and technique makes it one of the best industrial designs ever. Being modular and thus capable of making it any kind of car that fits your needs gives you the possibility do anything and go anywhere.

We overhaul the technical and trustworthy bones and lifeline of the car while retaining as much of its original character. We give old Land Rovers a chance to be a Land Rover again so they can be used again for the purpose they were designed for: hauling wood, drive it through the woods, through rivers, go on a holiday with friends and family, in the winter a hardtop and in the summer a soft- top or no top at all, go haul a trailer, let it be your workhorse or do your groceries and just get lost somewhere wilder.