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Land Rover Defender Heritage HUE166 110 TD4 2015

Land Rover Defender Heritage HUE166 110 TD4 2015

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Land rover defender HUE 166, a legendary icon

As a Heritage model, this car is an extremely special and iconic vehicle that occupies an important place in the history of the automotive industry. As the very first production Land Rover Defender, originally built in 1948, the HUE 166 has invaluable historical value.

The Land Rover Defender HUE 166, better known as “HUEy” is one of the first pre-production vehicles used for testing and demonstrations. It finally took the stage at the AutoRAI in Amsterdam in 1948 for its world premiere. Shortly after, production of the Land Rover Series / Defender started. With its unique background and rarity, the surviving HUE 166 is a true treasure for collectors and enthusiasts of classic Land Rovers and is now owned by the Land Rover manufacturer. This car represents the beginning of a legendary era in the automotive world.

As a tribute to the first Land Rover, the HUE 166 license plate was used more than 68 years later in 2015 for the production of the very last Land Rover Defender, the Heritage series. Only 2,400 of this car were produced worldwide, divided into the 110 (long version) and the 90 (short version). The latter is closest to the original because of the 90 inch wheelbase used and therefore has a high status among enthusiasts in the Land Rover hierarchy, in fact, it is approached as the Holy Grail within the Land Rover collection.

With the Keswick green paint, the car is more than recognizable. This paint is also used on the rims and dashboard. Both the ex- and interior refer to the illustrious history of the car through unique badges and interior color. In short, a Land Rover that embodies both history and style, that is the HUE 166.

This RHD HUE 166 has an incredible state of maintenance and conservation. With 130.000 kilometers on the odometer, this vehicle has stood the test of time. The bodywork and paint is beautiful and the interior is in a very good condition. Every detail of this car exudes authenticity and heritage. In addition to the car's exceptional condition, the uniqueness of the HUE 166 adds to its appeal. The ultimate successor to the pre-production vehicles, this Land Rover Defender has a story to tell, helping to develop an iconic range of cars that can still be seen on the roads today. As the owner of the HUE 166, you become a guardian of automotive history and part of a select group of people who share this privilege. The Land Rover Defender HUE 166 is more than just a car. It is an investment in timeless class and heritage. This car represents an era of adventure, durability and toughness.

Whether you are a collector looking for a valuable asset or an enthusiast wanting to experience a piece of history, the HUE 166 will not disappoint. The Land Rover Defender HUE 166 is a car that doesn't often come up for sale, and when it does, it's a unique opportunity not to be missed. The value of this car will only increase as the years go by, making it not only a source of pleasure and pride, but also a wise long-term investment.

As this car is located at one of our partners in South Africa, viewing of this car at our shop in Holland will not be possible. We can, however arrange a video viewing or you are more than welcome in sunny South Africa to come and view the car. 

We can arrange worldwide transportation/shipping.

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